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Thermal Cyclers - PCR Machines
Thermal Cyclers - PCR Machines

Thermal Cyclers - PCR Machines

The thermocycler, or "PCR machine", allows the amplification of nucleic acids.

This indispensable molecular biology experimentation device consists of:
  • a thermoblock in which the tubes (from 0.2 to 0.5ml) or microplates (96 to 384 wells) are placed, containing the sample and the reaction mixture.

  • a heated lid that reduces the phenomenon of condensation in the tubes.

  • an interface to enter the amplification programs and visualize the progress of PCR cycles.
Thus a thermocycler allows to carry out amplification cycles of nucleic acids according to defined temperature and time parameters. The thermal block is alternately heated and cooled in order to carry out the different steps of the PCR (denaturation, hybridization and elongation) in all the samples.

Unlike classic thermocyclers, so-called "gradient" thermocyclers are designed to test different temperatures during a single program to isolate the optimal reaction temperature. The choice of a thermal cycler is based on various parameters: the type of block (classic/ gradient), the number of wells, the cooling and heating rates of the thermal block, the interface (push buttons/ touchscreen) and the data transfer mode.

Kisker offers a wide range of thermocyclers to best meet the professional's needs.

Our specialists are at your disposal to determine the thermocycler most suitable to your needs.

Our thermocyclers


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