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Terms of use

Please read the following conditions regarding the use of our offers and please see our data protection declaration. The user of the information, services and programmes offered on our pages shall agree with the conditions of use as laid down herein.


The Kisker-Biotech shall assume liability for damages only if the Kisker-Biotech or one of its contractors has breached a significant contractual obligation or only if the damage is the result of gross negligence or malicious intent on the part of the Kisker-Biotech or one of its contractors. The Kisker-Biotech 's liability for damages in relation to loss of life, physical injury or loss of health, and breach of guarantees remains unaffected.

Data Protection

Protecting your data is an important matter for the Kisker-Biotech . Our offer is subject to the legal provisions for data protection. You can check out the individual clauses of our data protection policy in our data protection declaration.


This internet offer contains designated links to other sites. The Kisker-Biotech has no influence over these sites and is not responsible and accepts no guarantee for the contents and layout of these sites. Accepting a link shall not mean that the Kisker-Biotech identifies with the contents displayed on the linked page and that the said contents shall not be construed as representative of the Kisker-Biotech . All links that open a new window are links to unrelated service providers.

Information Offers

The Kisker-Biotech 's internet pages are subject to regular amendments and additions to update the information on offer. The Kisker-Biotech shall therefore accept no liability or guarantee as to whether the information displayed is the most up-to-date, nor shall the Kisker-Biotech accept any liability or guarantee with regard to the accuracy, completeness and availability of the said information. The information and data displayed here are exclusively for the user's information and personal use.

The Kisker-Biotech shall accept no guarantee for direct or indirect damages, including loss of revenue, as a result of using the information offered on these pages. The Kisker-Biotech shall, however, accept liability only in cases of malicious intent or gross negligence and in cases where legal regulations prevail.


The content of this website is protected by copyright. Storing content for private purposes is freely permitted. Agreement from the Kisker-Biotech must be sought if you wish to make commercial use of the content through further publication or free distribution.

Stand: August 2009

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