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Cell culture
Tubes à centrifuger Eppendorf
EasYDish™ NUNC Petri Dish
ReadyStrain Kit
UberStrainer - Cell Strainer
Molecular biology
TurboCycler 2 Gradient Termocycler
TurboCycler lite Gradient Termocycler
Ultra Flux 0,2 mL individual Microtubes
Ezcap FoilStrips Film
Molecular Biology - Nucleic Acids
Biodyne enzymes
Biodyne HOT FIREPol®
dNTP : deoxyribonucleotides
Serology - Immunology
Polystyrene reagent reservoir
Polypropylene Reagent Reservoirs
Analysis - Measurement - Microbiology
Phmètre de paillasse Orion Star A211
Conductimètre de paillasse Orion Star A212
Oxymètre de paillasse Orion Star A213
Multimètre de paillasse Orion Star A214
Storage - Screening
Plaques Riplate® filtration
Plaques Riplate® 96
Plaques Riplate® 384
Plaques Riplate® medio
Pipettes - Dispensing
Platemaster Pipetting system 20 µl and 220 µl
Gilson® Macroman Pipettor
Natural latex Sampling bulbs
Serological Pipets
Tips - Micropipettes
Ritips Evolution et Ritips standard
Pointes epT.I.P.S. Eppendorf
Eppendorf ViscoTip 10 mL
Corning Step-R Pipettor
AutoRep Electronic and manual Repeater Pipette
Tubes and racks
Bridge for tube and adapter for rotor
Box for 5 mL tubes
Rack for 5 mL tubes
4titude Microtubes
Nalgene Amber sterile or non-sterile microtube with screw cap
Cryokit Cases
Freetech Insulated container 11 and 40 L
Weighing scoops
Round Integral wash bottle 500 mL
TOPSTORE storage box
BASICBOX storage box
Dissection - Sampling
Syringes 2 pieces
Syringe Pump: SPLab
Millex Millipore Syringe Filter Unit, PTFE Hydrophilic 13 mm
Millex Samplicity G2 Filtration System
Combisart Sartorius Vacuum Filtration system multifunction
1, 2 or 3 port Transfer caps
DURAN GL45 full laboratory bottles with special high temperature closure
Duran GL45 Harness for Bottle
Health and safety
Eco polyurethane seat
DuPont Coverall, ECO Pack
Hospisafe Waste container
Rotating stirrer for tubes
LSE Heating block
Thermostatic serology water baths + 60 °
Biomedical under counter Refrigerator, 55 Litres
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