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Neubauer Counting Chamber C-Chip with 4 chambers                                                                                    


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Brand : KISKER
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The Neubauer Improved - C-Chip is a disposable plastic one-time-use hemocytometer used for manual cell-counting. It consists of two patterned chambers (M-NZ-4CH: four patterned chambers) for sample injection. The Hemotocytometer is made from plastic with glass-characteristics for standarized countings.The handling is easy, 10 µl of cell suspension will be injected on the chip and counted. The grid pattern is exactly the same as the "Neubauer Improved" chamber. It consits of nine large squares of each 1 x 1 mm with 0,1 mm depth. Each square has a total volume of 0,3 cmm or 10E-4 ccm. The central square is divided into 25 small squares with triple lines and four corner squares are divided into 16 smaller squares
Methology :
1. General methods with C-Chip: mix the samples well, load 10 µl of sample into the sample injection area so that the chamber is filled by capillary action, count the cells under the microscope
2. Mammalian-Cell Counting: treat the cell samples with trypsin-EDTA, carefully remove the supernatant with a pipett tip and avoid to disturb the pellet, add an appropriate volume of growth medium or PBS to dilute to a final concentration of 5 x 10E3 cells / ml to 5 x 10E6 cells/ ml
3. Erythrocyte counting (1:200 dilution): dilute blood using accepted laboratory methodes, load 10 µl deluted sample into the injection area, count the erythrocytes in the five small squares (four small corner-squares and one small middle square) of the large center square
4. Leucocyte counting (1:20 dilution): dilute blood using accepted laboratory methodes, load 10 µl diluted sample into the injection area, count the leucocytes in the four large corner squares.
Neubauer Improved / Disposable Hemocytometer

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